The Nipawin Country Mile

Course Maps: 2K Loop

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The nipawin Country mile 2K loop

The 2K Loop is simply twice around the Nipawin Bible College Campus.

The 2K Loop is our most 'inclusive' run: the loop is open to, and great for, quite literally everyone: kids who want to walk, run, or ride their bikes, those who want to see how fast they can run a 2K on gravel, parents pushing a stroller or perhaps running from their kids - any and all are welcome to run the 2K Loop and see the best of the College Campus, while raising money for a great cause.

 2K Loop Satellite Render

2K Loop Satellite Render


5 and 10K Loop

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The Nipawin Country Mile 5 and 10K loop

The Nipawin Country Mile is a race designed to integrate, and showcase, the very best of the Nipawin Bible College campus and surrounding environs. The race starts, and ends, at the round green marker on the map, and proceeds in a south and then west direction.

The diverse course is composed of gravel road running and trail running, with varying altitudes (trust us, those are hard to come by around here). As such, you can expect an exciting, challenging course that may not yield a PB, but will most certainly return a great time and a race you won't want to miss in years to come.

If you have any questions about the course, or wish to familiarize yourself with the terrain beforehand, come on down. We'd be thrilled to show you around. Why, we'll even race you if you have the time!


Satellite View

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An aeriel Shot of the 5 and 10K Loop, Satellite Image