The Nipawin Country Mile

The Nipawin Country Mile is a footrace (2, 5, 10K divisions) held at Nipawin Bible College in Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada. We'd love to have you come on out and do your best! but...

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 ...Why not do better? The Nipawin Country Mile is also pledge-based fundraising opportunity to raise the bar of biblical education in Canada while you race towards a personal best.

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"The Nipawin Country Mile marries two great passions in my life: running and biblical education. I am thrilled to organize, and participate in, an event that encourages others to see how their lives are interconnected as well: how multiple goods can be achieved through a single activity, in this case, a beautiful run in the country. Are you ready to raise the bar? maybe a attempt a new distance, or take on a new challenge? Are you ready to do better?"

-Joel Houston, Race Director, Nipawin Country Mile

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